• Hi there, looking forward to travel around Taiwan?

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    Don’t waste your time on planning trip and getting lost.  Or even spend so much time on transfer between complicate public transportation.
    Here we are, for service you as a professional driver and tour guide. We can recommend schedule for you or give you advice of your plan.
    Show you to the most amazing place of Taiwan. Take you to the most traditional and local food spot.
    We offer the Volkswagen T5 and several types of car for your spacious, comfortable ride. It’s absolute sturdy and safe.  We are the best choice for your to travel around Taiwan no matter city tour or seashore or mountains.  let you enjoy the good quality and safety of the vehicle.

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  • 陽明山拼車一日遊

    還記得上一次旅遊的美好回憶嗎?有多久沒有好好散心了呢?寶島之旅為您提供新的旅遊服務—“陽明山拼車一日遊”。此路線串連了陽明山周圍的知名景點,一次滿足您對自然,人文,歷史,美食,美景的喜好,滿三人就可發車! 只要NT1,200 !!


    0927089911 楊先生, 5632yy@gmail.com,






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  • Yangmingshan car pool day trip

    Hello, welcome to Taiwan. If you are looking for any information traveling in Taiwan. We are here!
    We are specialized in Travel planning and know every secret attractions and amazing local food. Just simply let us service you as a driver. You can save your time in traffic jam and really enjoy the best part of your trip.

    We are now provide our new service, “Car Pool Day trip”. If you are a person who like to know new friends, this will be a great deal for you.  Check out our first “Yangmingshan day trip” schedule and amazing price. And we ‘ll have more new day trip route in the upcoming days.

    we provide airport pick up, itinerary planning, any kinds of car rental.

    email us at 5632yy@gmail.com for more information now!

    travel or business car rental /airport pick up / itinerary planning

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  • 說說話



    其實這是西班牙薩瓦德爾銀行慶祝成立130周年的活動, 他們決定給Sabadell市民一個名為「Som Sabadell (We are Sabadell)」的驚喜, 所以安排交響樂團、合唱團與歌劇之友會共100人, 在廣場進行這場迷人的古典音樂會。

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